June 2

Genius hour blog #3

When you are finished with the instructions on my last blog then you are free to customize it to how ever you want. When I made mine I put on circular  magnets so I could put some of my pistols on the gun rack too. I also put on some stabilizers for assault rifles when I did that I messed up. Do you remember in my last blog when I said I might mess up. Well I did and it’s to late to make another one. I then just sold it for scrap metal and made my money back and a little bit more than I spent. If you followed my instructions and didn’t mess up on customizing it like I did tell me how yours went and if it turned out. As you now know mine didn’t, so don’t go overboard with the customizations or you’ll end up like me and be disappointed. But if you don’t mess up you will have a sweet new gun rack and be able to show off by throwing your gun at the wall and your gun rack catching it. When people ask where you got it you can tell them that you made it and you can be proud of it. Looking back I probably should have made it with less customizations like without the assault rifle holders. I don’t even own an assault rifle to put on the rack for it. I should have just stuck to shotguns and my pistols but thank you for reading my blogs! http://jonah20geniushour.weebly.com

June 2

Genius hour blog#2

There are complications that may arise while I am building this I haven’t accounted for yet. Some of the things that may happen are I may run out of metal. I could burn my self with the welding torch. I could also just all together mess up and have to restart. Having to restart would honestly stop my whole process in remembering what I had to do next. Also when I would have to restart I would loose interest in it because I would have to do all the things I already did all over again. That would put a big dent in the time that I have to start and finish this huge project. None the less it is coming along great and I am doing well on it  I have a feeling this will turn out great. I have already retrieved the parts I need from the salvage next is for the tools. To get your gun rack ready to be built you will need to make measurements on the metal showing how big the magnetic bars are. When you make the measurements you can then find all the tools you need and start cutting. When you get all of the magnets in place use the welding torch to put them in place. When you have them welded down  let it cool. make sure not to have any fans going you want it to cool in a room with a steady temperature so the welding does not crack we wouldn’t wan that no would we?http://www.bakersgas.com/weld-burns-how-to-avoid.php

June 2

genius hour #1

I am making a magnetic gun rack. I am making it because I own guns and like to shoot them. I think that this would be useful to me because I could just unload the gun after I get done using it and throw it at the gun rack. This would make it so I don’t have to put it in a case and spend a lot more time putting it away. This would ultimately stop the time consumption in putting it in a case and having to open a gun safe. The things you’ll need are a metal pallet. The size and metal are your choice. A blow torch to cut two rectangular holes into the metal pallet. Then you’ll need two rectangular magnets that fit into the two holes that you have already cut out. Next you will need a welding tool to weld the two magnetic bars into place. Make sure to weld all the way around them so the welding doesn’t break or crack. I am planning on getting most of my resources from the auto body salvage just past the dump. I will get my metal from there such as steal or iron. The gun rack will be built and stored at my uncles house for safe keeping. I am planning on putting it in his garage and locking it so no one can get to it without his say or mine. I hope I will finish soon so I can show my work to the class. http://www.instructables.com/id/Learning-to-Weld/


April 15

Western Iowa Tech

I went to WIT  I thought the best part of the trip was when we saw the culinary and the medical rooms. I am very interested in culinary arts and the medical field that was my favorite part about the visit. when we went to the dorms they were pretty big for a college dorm.

March 28

What Im going to be doing this summer

I am mostly going to be fishing but I will go hunting at least five times. If I go hunting this summer I will be going for coyotes and probably only coyotes. The only reason I will go hunting for coyotes is because they are a nuance and they  kill some of the other things I hunt. They kill pheasant , and rabbits and I hunt both of those species of animals.

When I go fishing I will b going fishing for Catfish, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Muskies. I will be fishing at the river and my secret spot.At my secret spot I catch Blue gill.

December 8

farewell !!!!

Thank you for all your fun challenges. I wrote 6 blogs and only one was one that my teacher came up with. I had about 4 comments on all of my posts. The people that commented are… Mrs. Wohlafka on raise your voice, My Little Brony on fun with my family, and 2021adh on fun with my family and online me v.s offline me. Thank you all for your comments and challenges.        Jonahf signing off…….

December 6

American food

I personally like chery pie and steak those are my two favorite foods . I prefer Rib-eye or T bone steak.  I like my steak medium rare or medium. When I usually get Rib-eye i get it at my moms because we are always grilling.  When I am at my dads we only have steak on special occasions. When my dad does grill  he usually grills some cheese burgers.  The great thing about grilling is we usually have a lot of people over and it kind of turns into a party sometimes.  It seems like a lot of things we have for food have really been Americanized.  Sometimes we go for Chinese food but I’m sure that authentic Chinese tastes very different compared to what we have here in Fort Dodge.  It seems that most foreign food that we serve here has an American flare to it.   Besides steak and cherry pie I really do like eating at the Chinese restaurant out by the mall as well.  My favorite food there is the General Chicken.  My dad actually makes some really great chicken fried rice at our house as well.  One thing I have noticed about food in America is that we can deep fat fry just about anything.  My favorite deep fried food is cheese balls.  Some of the strangest fried foods in the state of Iowa can be found at the Iowa State Fair.  I have tried the deep fat fried cheese on a stick there one year and it was awesome.  The weirdest fried thing that I have ever seen is the deep fat fried butter on a stick.  I’m not really sure how they keep the butter from melting but it really looks gross to me.  I could almost hear people’s arteries clogging as they ate it.  Being from Iowa, in really like to stick to the beef, chicken and sweet corn.

December 6

post of the nature

Some days I go out to brushie creek and go for a hike with my dad or grandpa. I always look for rabbits or pheasant. It’s fun to look at the creek and see the  horses on the path. I usually end up going into the brush without my dad.  When I actually stay with him we walk for about 2-3 hours.  The brushie creek trail is about 2.7 miles long so it’s a nice walk. I actually go hunting with my grandpa and my uncle at brushie creek all the time.  My favorite thing to do in nature is hunting.    I really don’t get out hunting as much as I would like to but I’ll get out more as I get older.  Last year, I bought my first shotgun and bow.  I had to save a lot of money to buy these so I am really careful to take care of them.  I like using both of them but I think I like the bow better.  Bows have been around for thousands of years so I feel like it is much sporting to use the bow.  Besides hunting, I really enjoy fishing as well.  We have a pond 2 blocks from our house so in the summer I go fishing just about every single day.  My favorite fish to catch are northern pike, walleye and bass.  Walleye are the best tasting fish that I like to catch.  During the summer I go fishing a lot with my uncles and my grandfather.  My dad is not really a big fisherman but he takes me out once or twice a year as well.  Not sure if this really considered nature but my dad and I really like to go golfing together.  Last year we went out only 3 times but we will do this outdoor activity more and more every year.  Overall, I really enjoy spending time with my family in the outdoors especially my dad.

October 25

fun with my family



 Image result for rabbit huntingImage result for squirrel hunting

pic by: u.s. fish and wildlife service. pic by: wikipidia. pic by: pixbay.com

I’m a big hunter.   I enjoy hunting with my family.  We usually go in the fall and winter. We go hunting for squirrel, rabbit and pheasant. I always use my side by side double barrel 12 gauge shotgun.  We either go out to Brushy Creek, public land in our county or to Des Moines or some other place. We usually come back with 3-4 rabbits and 2 pheasant. We always have fun on these trips and the game that we kill tastes good too.  My favorite food to hunt would be deer.  I can hunt deer in one of two ways.  I can use my shotgun but I would rather hunt deer using my bow.  Some day I hope to bring down a monster buck with my bow but I haven’t had the chance to get one yet.  The best way to get a deer with a bow is from a tree stand.   A tree stand is a metal platform that you mount to a tree and climb a ladder to get into.  You need to be careful when getting into a tree stand.  You should wear a full body harness so if you fall you will not go all the way to the ground and hurt yourself.  You should always get into the stand first and then use a pull rope to bring your weapon and supplies up safely.

October 16

raise your voice

I think that our heroes over in Afghanistan  and Fallujah need some recognition. They are risking their lives and family’s happiness to help us and others.  They win and loose some battles but we all know that they won’t back down. The military has a  big part in the world. The Marines’ saying is, Semper FI, this means always faithful in Latin and the Marine Corps best represents this. The United States Marines have been using Semper Fi since 1883. The United States military has been fighting off the Talliban and jihad for 14 years. Since September 11, 2001 we have been fighting them. My cousin, Devin Cloud is a marine .  He is stationed in Hawaii right now .   He has been in Okinawa and many other places.  When the country of Haiti had that devastating earthquake he was a part of the group that went  over there.  He  looked for survivors , delivered supplies and helped clean up and rebuild .  When people think about the Marine Corps most of the time they think of war and killing  but they are so much more than that.  They are often the first people on the ground to help those who have suffered a great tragedy.  Getting into the Marine Corps is one of the most difficult branches of the service to get into.  You have to endure extreme physical and mental challenges.  The crucible is the one of the biggest tests that a Marine Corps recruit will face.  The Crucible is the final phase of Marine Corps Recruit Training that tests every skill learned and every value instilled. (www.marines.com).   My cousin went through this training in San Diego, California and will forever be a part of this brotherhood.  The marines are truly an inspirational and heroic group of people who protect and defend the people of not only our nation but of the world who cannot protect and defend themselves!!!